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I have completed the transfer of the Visual Mall Manager (VMM) Point-of-Sale (POS) software to White Light Computing, Inc. (WLC).  They produce, market and support SOS Software.  WLC is offering significant discounts to all VMM clients to migrate their VMM POS systems to SOS Software.  WLC will provide technical support for VMM clients during their transition to SOS Software.

RFCanon plans to provide the Web Poster (TWP) service to all exiting TWP clients through the end of 2021 at no additional cost to TWP clients.  However, there will be no technical support from RFCanon.  Please note that the majority of “problems” with TWP service do not require technical support from RFCanon.  The problems can be solved by one (or more) of the following:  the store’s Internet Service Provider’s service has been disrupted or the ISP has started block the store’s transmission, or the store’s router or modem need to be re-booted.  If the problem is with your Dealer’s access to their sales data, it can probably be solved by clearing the Dealer’s Internet cache and browsing history on their computer or mobile device.  Sometimes a reboot of their computer or mobile device will also clear the problem.

I plan to rekindle my watercolor hobby; so, you may see this website evolve into a portfolio layout displaying some of my works later this year...

I can be reached by email at Roy @ RFCanon.com