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After more than fifteen years of production, we have discontinued sales of The MALL MANAGER (TMM) software system.  Technical Support for TMM was continued through the end of 2007.  We feel there is insufficient need for an MS-DOS based Point-of-Sale product in today's market.  Also, we felt that the MS-DOS/printer issues and the uncertain future compatibility with Microsoft Windows® operating systems made the continued sale of a MS-DOS based product somewhat of a disservice to our clients.  For all existing TMM clients and prospective clients, we offer our newer Windows® based product:

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VMM provides all of the functionality of TMM plus much, much more!!!  VMM is the most feature rich, multi-merchant point of sale system available today.  We also have a program to permit your Dealers/Consignees to access their store sales via the Internet on a 24/7 basis:  VMM Web Poster.  Visit the VMM web site for full details.

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